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2022 Scholarship Recipients

Anna Ivery Legacy Humanitarian Scholarship

The Anna Ivery Legacy Humanitarian Scholarship  is offered in memory of Tampa Bay native, Anna Ivery, Class of 1979. Anna was a charter member of the NAASC Tampa Bay Chapter. Her passion was to cultivate up and coming scholars through community engagement. This scholarship is awarded to a young woman looking to make an impact on her community in the spirit of Anna Ivery. 

Cymiah Alexander,  Class of 2023

NAASC Tampa Bay Book Scholarship

NAASC Tampa Bay understands the financial burden of purchasing college textbooks and technological needs. Each school year, NAASC Tampa Bay awards book scholarships for incoming and returning students.

Juliana Wardell, Class of 2024

Kaasia White, Class of 2025

Sanai Reese, Class of 2026

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